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Vodhins Girders N Glass
[ Download from this server (487.6 Kb) ] 03/11/2011, 7:57 PM
Qoute from Vodhin

03/23/08. EDIT- 3/23/08 : version changed- Correct download file in place. If you downloaded this file between 2/24/08 and 3/23/08 please download again. You can check your current copy- if the files inside are dated from 2007, then you should download this new one.

EDIT 1-30-08: The glass walls have been "cleaned up" a bit- the texture is better and the glass is now colorable. I've also added some new Iron Spiral Stairs (a whole staircase kit, actually, but it's just scenery, peeps will not use it) and I've updated the icons and I think I've got them all in now.

EDIT 1-24-08: The set has been updated and seems to be free of the X-Ray effect in the glass walls and roofs

This is a set of structural supports and various iron girders and beams for use in your RCT3 parks. There are also a number of Glass Walls and roofs that are framed in the same texture style and should match up nicely with existing RCT3 sets as well as the iron girders and beams.

It is recommended that you keep the zipped download in a directory folder outside of any RCT3 folder.

To install, My computer- hard drive- program files- Atari- rct3- style- themed

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6 lucky guy   [Entry]
1 JD you need to drag all the files into the first folder so the second is empty then delete the second one

5 michael   [Entry]
nothing beats good ol XP 64 LOL

3 JD   [Entry]
I have re installed it several times but get the same results. I do however have soaked and wild, I have the RCT3 Platinum on a Windows 7 Laptop, intel Core 3.

4 alanm4072   [Entry]
If you have installed it correctly, it should be in the folder, mycomputer/Localdisk/programfiles(86)/Atari/RollercoasterTycoon3/Style/themed, if its in there then you have installed it correctly, im not sure what else i can suggest sorry.

1 JD   [Entry]
I keep getting a No:sud for:sid when running my RCT3 after downloading, zip, extracting to RCT3\Styles\themed. What should I do, cause RCT3 doesn't seem to want to run?

2 alanm4072   [Entry]
Hi please can you try to reinstall girders n glass, d you have soaked and wild as well

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