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If you operate RollerCoaster Tyccon 3 on a Windows 7 computer, then please extract the custom scenery file to the following folder...

If you operate RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 on a Windows XP Computer, then please extract the file to the following folder...

Some Custom Scenery sets require special Installation, so please always check the read-me file for further instructions.

The main reason what causes is, that you have downloaded a Custom Scenery set and you have installed it incorrectly or you do not have the right expansion pack for the set to work. There could also be a problem with the set you have downloaded.

To resolve this issue, you need to reinstall the set as you may have installed it wrong. If the problem consists and then there could be a problem with the set you have downloaded, so I suggest you remove it.

If you have downloaded and installed multi pull sets at a time before you launched the game and you get the error message, then you have to remove the sets you installed and reinstalling the sets one by one, whilst launching the game each time. That way you can see which set is causing the problem, so you can avoid using it.